Fanimatrix: RunProgram Cast

Vaughan C. Beckley

Steven A. Davis

Farrah Lipsham

Juggling Goth
Chris Rigby


Vaughan C. Beckley

Born: 08 December 1979

Vaughan is currently half way through his studies in medicine at the Auckland School of Medicine. He graduated in 2002 from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Technology, Honours in Biomedical Science, but at the thought of working in the real world fled back to his life as a student. In theatre Vaughan's interests lie with the technical aspects of lighting and sound and he has some experience of working in this area at the Maidment Theatre in Auckland, which he enjoyed thoroughly.

Just under three years experience in Wushu martial arts, and a much longer-term friendship with Rajneel Singh the director of the Fanimatrix, brought Vaughan to act in this short film.

  • (television) Xena: Warrior Princess
  • (short) The Fanimatrix : Run Program
Technical Theatre:
  • (stage) Steel Magnolias
  • (stage) The Quack and the Dead
  • (stage) The Medics Reloaded

Vaughan Beckley can be contacted by request via;


Steven A. Davis

Born: 3rd September 1977

Steven has recently graduated from the degree course at the Auckland Unitec School of Performing and Screen Arts. He has nearly ten years experience in martial arts and sword fighting and hashad extensive dance experience. Before attending drama school Steven worked professionally as a stuntman and has since lent his services as a fight choreographer to numerous short films and stage productions. Steven has since returned to Unitec to teach courses in stunt and sword fighting for stage and screen.

  • (2003) Macbeth
  • (2002) The Cherry Orchard
  • (2002) A Is For Apple
  • (2002) Leah (King Lear)
  • (still in production) The Way Of The Fuzzball
  • (2003) The Fanimatrix: Run Program
  • (2001) Pressure Point
  • (2001) Trolley Boy
  • (2000) Boost
  • (1998) Reunion
  • (1999) The Vertical Limit
  • (1998-99) Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Xena: Warrior Princess
  • (short) Reunion
  • (short) Incident
  • (short) Boost
  • (short) The Fanimatrix: Run Program
  • (stage) Leah
  • (stage) Julius Caeser
  • (stage) Macbeth
  • (feature) The Way Of The Fuzzball
  • MARTIAL ARTS - Wushu, Capoeria, Tae Kwon Do
  • STUNTS - Fight, Stair Falls, Wire Work, Medium High Falls
  • DANCE - Hip Hop, Tango, Latin, Acrobatics

Steven A. Davis can be contacted through Kathryn Rawlings Talent Agency


Farrah Lipsham

Born: 02 11 1977

Farrah is currently an employee of one of New Zealands top animation companies as a full time 2D animator/clean-up artist, working mainly in advertising. With no previous acting experience (unless you include class plays under age 11years) the Fanimatrix would be her acting debut.

Martial Arts Experience
  • 2002: Wushu Jan-Oct coach Orlando Garcia
  • 2003: Wushu March till present coach Louis McAllistair
  • currently in training for 2004 Wushu World Games in Poland
Other interests

Volleyball (National Competition), Hacky Sack, Illustration, Dance, comics, Manga and Anime .....animation and kung fu movies!!!!

Farrah Lipsham can be contacted by request via;

Juggle Goth

Chris Rigby

Juggler, wardrobe and Extra

Born : 13 March 1975

"Chris is an amature contact juggler and actor. He helped us out with a few things including lending us his car for the driving scenes, quite a few of the male costumes in the bar sequence and contact juggled as "juggling goth" in that scene. Behind the scenes he also provided support as a meat prop, dead weight for some of the wire work, and hosting for the web pages and trailer/movie files. He's also avaialble for childrens' parties and Bar Mitzvahs but only if you offer him Mt Dew."

  • Various Stage performances over the years and some small TV ads.
  • Self taught toss juggler and contact juggler.
Martial Arts
  • 8 years experience in Goju-Kai Karate
  • 3 years experience in Aikido.
Computer Engineer
  • Over 6 years in the industry as a VOIP engineer for one of NZs largest Toll Bypass companies. Significant experiance with the hosting of large files and general network distribution.

Chris Rigby can be contacted by request via;