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GripMe Crew
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GripMe Crew
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Plutonian Shores

Rajneel Singh

Director/ Editor/ Co-ScreenWriter/ Co-Producer

Born: 4th December 1978

Rajneel is a freelance director, actor and screenwriter who has spent many years privately refining his filmcraft.

Currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Auckland, he has spent the last five years gaining experience working on many professional and amateur film projects.

He is currently working on finishing his first feature film - a mockumentary - entitled "The Way Of The Fuzzball" which examines the trials, tribulations and misadventures involved in creating New Zealand's first low-budget Kung Fu epic.

  • (short) The Fanimatrix: Run Program
  • (feature) The Way Of The Fuzzball
  • (stage) Othello
  • (stage) A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • (television) Xena: Warrior Princess

Rajneel Singh can be contacted via;


Daniel Beeching

1st Assistant Director/ Grip/ Stunt Driver/ Extra

Born: 2 October 1977

Daniel is an amateur member of the “Fanimatrix crew”, having only worked previously on “Way Of The Fuzzball” with Rajneel and Steve. Daniel worked on set doing whatever needed doing and was 1st AD for the Goth Scene. Previous acting experience includes some amateur theatre (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet) and small extra roles in both “Fuzzball” and “Fanimatrix”. Daniel has a strong work ethic and is willing to do anything to get the job done. Currently studying for a BSc at Auckland University in Psychology and Physics, Daniel plans to become a secondary school teacher. Interests include sports and music.

  • Romeo And Juliet
  • Hamlet
  • Way Of The Fuzzball (In Progress)
  • Fanimatrix: Run Program
Crew Work:
  • Technical experience at Macleans College
  • Way Of The Fuzzball (Grip)
  • Fanimatrix: Run Program (1st AD, Grip, Driver)

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Annamarie Connors

Born: 18th November, and that's all I'm saying.

Annamarie has upwards of 10 years experience in theatre design, ranging from scenic art, costumes, props and concept design, as well as directing and acting.<

She currently works in the Film and Television industry, specifically as a prosthetic technician, although she roams all over the art department. She is currently teaching Special Effects at EDU-COL Tertiary College, and working at TopMark Products, and will soon be returning to the set of Power Rangers, where she works in the Monster Department.



  • "Tons of Money" Beard laying


  • "Pinocchio" Costume design
  • "Heidi" Costume supervisor
  • "Beauty and the Beast" Costume supervisor
  • "Aladdin" Production and make-up design
  • "A Misummer Night's Dream" Costume and make-up design


  • "Funny Money" Costume Design
  • "Stuart Little" Wardrobe advisor
  • "101 Dalmations" Production design
  • "Hercules and the Belt" Set design
  • "Peter Pan" Costume and make-up design


  • "Toad of Toad Hall" Properties
  • "Tom Sawyer" Set design
  • "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" Costume design, prop and mask making


  • "James and the Giant Peach" Wardrobe
  • "The Snow Queen" Production Design


  • "Emil and the Detectives" Set and décor, make-up
  • "Doctor Dolittle" Wardrobe and make-up


  • "There and Back Again" Production design, writer, stage manager


  • "The Way Of The Fuzzball" Make-up and injury effects


  • "The Fanimatrix: Run Program" Make-up supervisor, 2nd AD "Drowning in Dreams" Production design, make-up, wardrobe, set, properties.


  • "Destiny" Prosthetics


  • "Power Rangers: Ninja Storm" Creature Technician


  • Commercial for Silk Airlines Prosthetic sculpting, hydraulic rig assembly and operation



  • Puki Ariki Museum (Taranaki) Sculpting and installation Assembling of circuit boards for lighting department
  • Sculpting, mold-making and casting, painting, conceptual design and development, straight, avant-garde and climatic make-up, applying and colouring prosthetics, circuit-board assembly (basic electronics), use of power tools such as bench grinders, drop saws, teaching and team-leadership, knowledge and experience of on-set environment.
  • 2002: Certificate in Special Effects with the Cut Above Creature Shop. Certificate in Make-up Artistry and Production Design with EDU-COL Tertiary College of Arts and Media.
  • 2001: "Designing for Theatre" workshop with Tracey Grant of the ATC.
  • 2000: Elam School of Fine Arts, Foundation year for BA.

AnnaMarie Connors can be contacted via;


Gene Rugg

Grip/ Photographer/ Webmaster/ Writer/ Programmer

Born: 1st Feburary 1980

Gene is a freelance multimedia geek, covering areas from Java programming, to digital photography, and also digital manipulation and website design and maintenance.

Has recently finished a Honours degree for Computer Science at the University of Auckland, and spending time gaining experiance with digital media and future technologies relating to print, internet, and film.

  • (short) The Fanimatrix: Run Program
  • (feature) The Way Of The Fuzzball
  • Medieval reenactment
  • Wu Shu/ martial arts
  • Rugg Electrical Services
  • NZ Welder Repair Services
  • Personal web pages for various individuals and non profit organisations
  •; photography and full scale feature posters
  • Warrentee program for Rugg Electrical
  • ASP.NET websites for various individuals

Gene Rugg can be contacted via;


David W. Fraser

stunts, wire removal, retouching (titles)

David W. Fraser can be contacted via;


Andrew Salisbury

Born: 24th March 1980

Andrew, otherwise known as Lumpy, spends most of his time working with internet technologies, practicing Wushu, and hand painting finely crafted miniatures.

Part time study at Auckland Uni has led him into the IT industry where he now develops websites, and creates/integrates statistical analysis features into products where there was none.

For a day job he works with Datacom, but at night he becomes a maskless warrior against boredom trying not to hurt himself with a new jumping kick, or completing the latest request for a miniature.

Martial Art History
  • Tae Kwon Do, Ninjutsu, Wushu
  • Fanimatrix: Run Program

Andrew Salisbury can be contacted at;


Sharyn Syme

Makeup Artist and Extra

Born: 26 April 1980

Sharyn was working toward her BA at the University of Waikato, but moved to Auckland for a change of pace. She graduated in 2001 from The Cut Above Academy with a Certificate in Makeup Artistry

Sharyn has been involved with the Riverlea Theatre Co in Hamilton, both on and off the stage, for a number of years. She has also done short film work (makeup) for South Seas and freelances in her spare time. Sharyns interests not only lie within drama and makeup, but branch out into fashion and music. She does freelance DJing, event organising and casting for various companies within Auckland.

Sharyn Syme can be contacted by request via;


Grant Zanetti

Digital encoding/ Extra/ Web Hosting/ Photographer

Born: Pisces

Has worked in the ISP industry for the last 5 years as a programmer/systems admin. Jumped at the chance to be involved in The Fanimatrix: Run program filming in what ever capacity was useful.

  • None. Not even in The Fanimatrix: Run program (as should be obvious)
Crew Work
  • Took a lot of photographs during the "Goth club" scene.
  • Video encoding for both the trailer and film.
  • Web Hosting. Primary New Zealand mirror for the movie.
  • Extra for the "Goth club" scene. The one in black with long hair.
Martial Art History
  • Aikido (Not actually seen anywhere in the film).

Grant Zanetti can be contacted via;